People With a Disability

2018 state championships are to be held at Bundaberg Bowl & Leisure from the 6th to the 9th September 2018

2018 State Disability Championships

MastersEvents Classic

MastersEvents Open

MastersEvents Restricted




2018 State Disabilities representative team


Cole Cup


Michael Boyd (Tweed Tenpin)

Nathan Curd (Bundaberg)

Toni Dunstan (Ashmore)

Sam Grady (Ashmore)

Jamie Haupt (Sunset)

Kate Juillerat (Bundaberg)

Kristel Redinger (Sunset)


Beth Boyd – Coach (Tweed Tenpin)

Christine Challinor – Mananger (Tweed Tenpin)

Ben Madden – Assostant Manager (Sunset)


Open Cup


Courtney Bucknell (Ashmore/Robina)

Martyn Challinor (Tweed Tenpin)

Duncan Fraser (Rockhampton)

Shane Hurst (Ashmore)

Lionel Kenyon (Tweed Tenpin)

Karnie Taylor (Sunset)


Kim Mogg – Coach (Sunset)

Bernie Madden – Manager (Sunset)

Ben Madden – Assistant Manager (Sunset)



The State Disabilities Championships are traditionally held in September, and the State Disability Committee holds its AGM in conjunction with this event.

2017 state championships are to be held at Sunset Toowoomba from the 6th to the 10th September 2017

Change of Squad Request

2017 State Disability Championships




AGM Notice of Motion

Our State team members for 2017 are as follows:


Cole Cup Team.


Toni Dunstan (Ashmore)

Bri Duffy (Ashmore)

Sam Grady (Ashmore)

Jenny Sneddon (Ashmore)

Donata Kraus (Ashmore)

Kristel Redinger (Sunset Toowoomba)

Jamie Haupt (Sunset Toowoomba)


Coach: Beth Boyd (Coolangatta Tweed)

Manager: Ben Madden (Sunset Toowoomba)


Open Team.


Mitchell Thorpe (Aspley)

Duncan Fraser (Rockhampton)

Alan Crammond (Coolangatta Tweed)

Jeremy Godden (Coolangatta Tweed)

Karnie Taylor (Sunset Toowoomba)

Martyn Challinor (Coolangatta Tweed)

Greg Mehonoshen (Sunset Toowoomba)


Coach: Kim Mogg (Sunset Toowoomba)

Manager: Bernie Madden (Sunset Toowoomba)


These teams are competing at AMF Rooty Hill at the Disability Nationals from the 7th to the 17th June 2017.


The 2016 Queensland Disability teams to compete in the 2 state team challenges on the 15th June 2016 at Oz Tenpin in Epping Victoria are as follows:


Open team challenge:


Duncan Fraser, Rockhampton.

Shane Hurst, Coolangatta Tweed.

Courtney Bucknell, AMF Robina.

Matthew Hurst, Coolangatta Tweed.

Lionel Kenyon, Coolangatta Tweed.

Sarah Hartley, Coolangatta Tweed.

Karnie Taylor, Sunset Toowoomba.


Coach: Mr. Kim Mogg.

Manager: Mrs. Bernie Madden.


Cole Cup Challenge:


Kristel Redinger, Sunset Toowoomba.

Martyn Challinor, Coolangatta Tweed.

Brianna Duffy, Ashmore.

Jamie Haupt, Sunset Toowoomba.

Susan Johnson, AMF Capalaba.

Jenny Sneddon, Ashmore.

Michael Boyd, Coolangatta Tweed.


Coach: Mrs. Beth Boyd.

Manager: Mr. Ben Madden.


The 2016 Queensland Disability Championships are to be held at Coolangatta Tweed Tenpin from the the 7th to the 10th September for squads with Open and Restricted Masters and presentation on the 11th September. Entry forms and forms for the AGM will be distributed and placed on the website mid April.

Any queries please contact either Beth Boyd (02 66723252) or Bernie Madden (07 46334468)

State Teams for the Nationals held from 3rd June to 13th June 2015 – Chermside Hyperbowl, Brisbane

Cole Cup Team Open Team
Kristel Redinger Sunset Superbowl Shane Hurst Coolangatta/Tweed
Reese Polestra Mt. Warren Matthew Hurst Coolangatta/Tweed
Katie McGannon Coolangatta/Tweed Lionel Kenyon Coolangatta/Tweed
Greg Mehonoshen Garen City Lanes Alan Crammond Coolangatta/Tweed
Rachael DeBerg Sunset Superbowl Courtney Bucknell CoolangattaTweed/Robina
Pat Madden Sunset Superbowl Sarah Hartley CoolangattaTweed/Ashmore
Lauren Dixon CoolangattaTweed/Ashmore Connor Dixon CoolangattaTweed/Ashmore
Beth Boyd Coach Kim Mogg Coach
Ben Madden Manager Bernie Madden Manager


The 2014 Queensland Disability Championships will be held at Bundy Bowl and Leisure, from the 10th to 14th September. Previous years forms are located in the download section to assist coordinators with information about the event.

State team nomination forms have been distributed and can also be located in the download section on the right. Roll Off and selection will be held at AMF Cannon Hill on the 16th February, check in at All information regarding state team roll off and nomination, can be found in this download or by contacting the committee listed below.

2014 Calendar

23rd February Garden City Classic Garden City Toowoomba
May – Date TBC Ashmore Challenge Ashmore
19th, 20th, 25th, 26th July Regional Championships Coolangatta -Tweed
10th-14th September State Championships Bundy Bowl & Leisure

Disabilities Committee 2013 – 2014

  • Chairperson – Beth Boyd (Murwillumbah)
    Email: [email protected]
  • Vice Chairperson – Steve Tripney (Ashmore)
  • Bowler Representatives – Ben Madden and Gary Davis
  • State Teams Coach 2014 – Kim Mogg – Assistant Coach – Beth Boyd
  • State Teams Managers – Bernie Madden and Ben Madden
  • Sport Connect and Classification Officer – Beth Boyd

State Teams for the Nationals held in June 2014 – AMF Moonah, Hobart

Cole Cup Team Open Team
Karnie Taylor Sunset Superbowl Sarah Hartley Coolangatta – Tweed
Rachael DeBerg Sunset Superbowl Sarah Griffiths AMF Richlands
Kristel Redinger Sunset Superbowl Rosaleigh Salmaso AMF Cannon Hill
Harrison Creevey AMF Mt Gravatt Gary Davis Coolangatta – Tweed
Jaime Haupt Sunset Superbowl Matthew Hurst Coolangatta – Tweed
Greg Mehonoshen Garden City Lanes Lionel Kenyon Coolangatta – Tweed
Martyn Challinor Coolangatta – Tweed Jeremy Godden Coolangatta – Tweed
Beth Boyd Coach Kim Mogg Coach
Ben Madden Manager Bernie Madden Manager

Results from this tournament are now available on our Latest Results page.

Classification Information

Queensland Bowlers with a disability are advised that as in all sports, participants who wish to enter certain competitions that cater for people with a disability, must be classified prior to the event. Once classified the participant will retain their status until there is need for a change due to differing circumstances. All Queensland Bowlers may be classified free of charge at certain times of the year by contacting the Disabilities Committee listed above.

You do not need to be classified to bowl in Disability League Competition, nor do you require classification for non TBA accredited tournaments however you will need to to produce a Centrelink Disability Support Pension Card.

Classification is however required prior to competing in National, State, Zone or any other Queensland accredited tournaments.


Athletes with a disability can apply for classification with their relevant State Sporting Organisation for the Disabled – at TBAQ it is the TBAQ State Disability Committee. Getting a permanent classification at any State or National event for people with a physical disability or vision impairment is dependent on the availability of classifiers within that particular sport.

The following organisations also provide classification services in Qld at no charge:

  • Sporting Wheelies – Physical Disability or Vision Impairment
  • Lifestream Foundation – Intellectual Impairment
  • Deaf Sport and Recreation – Hearing Impairment