Roll ‘n Strike

The highly successful Roll ‘n Strike™ program is the best way for newcomers to learn to bowl. The program is broken down into two distinct programs which work hand in hand with the Inter-school program to provide a clear pathway for athlete and skill development.


Roll ‘n Strike In-School Program (Free!)


Tenpin Bowling at School

The first program is the Roll ‘n’ Strike In-School Program which is available completely free to primary schools in Queensland for a 5 week period annually. The program is very popular among teachers owing largely to the fun nature of the sport and the fact that every student in the class is assigned a job. That means that every student is on task all the time. No more sitting on the sidelines waiting for their turn!

The In-School program was written by a teacher and when you book the equipment you are also supplied a step-by-step manual that includes best practice lesson plans as well as 20 add on novelty games. To learn more about the program and/or book the kit visit the Roll ‘n Strike In-School Program page now before someone else beats you to the time slot you want!


Roll ‘n Strike Learn to Bowl League


Roll 'n Strike Learn to Bowl League

The second program is the Roll ‘n’ Strike Learn to Bowl League which is open to people of any age, runs for 10-weeks and is delivered at your local bowling centre by a qualified and nationally accredited coach. This program teaches participants how to bowl correctly right from the start, starting with how to choose the right ball. This program is perhaps the fastest way to learn to bowl at a bowling centre. Pre-booking is essential and can only be done here on the TBAQ website. You can pre-purchase your first 10-weeks for just $95 (less than $10 per week!), which includes a Roll ‘n’ Strike training shirt, family discounts at your local bowling centre. You can read more about the program and book your place by visiting the Roll ‘n Strike League page now.


When learning any skill it is always good to have something to train for to help with your motivation. That is where the Queensland Tenpin Bowling Inter-School Challenge comes in. You can find out all about it by visiting the Inter-School Challenge page here.