Teachers Videos

Thanks for booking the Roll ‘n Strike School Kit, we know that you are your students are going to love this program!

The program comes with an instructor’s manual full of descriptions, resources and lesson plans but to make life even easier for you, we have created a series of videos for you that will give you a great knowledge base for teaching Tenpin Bowling in your school. The videos are divided into lessons for your convenience, and all of the lessons only take a few minutes (Lesson 1 is by far the longest at 14 minutes). The videos are password protected, but the password is the same as the password used to access this page.

If you have access to a computer and the internet you are welcome to play the videos for your students to support your lesson.

If you haven’t already received your teachers manual, you can download it by clicking this link.

Once you have completed the videos you will be able to download a Roll ‘n Strike Instructors Certificate from the bottom of this page, which is a great way to show evidence of your professional development.

Lesson 4

The 4-Step Approach

The 5-Step Approach

Demonstration Videos


Thanks for completing the training videos above.  TBAQ is pleased to offer those who have completed this training a Tenpin Bowling Roll ‘n Strike Instructors accreditation.  There is no cost for this accreditation, and if you would like to receive a certificate then please just enter your name and details below and one will be emailed to you as soon as possible.

You will automatically be logged out of this page when you press ‘submit’, if you would like to keep watching the videos you will have to log in again.