School Equipment Arrives at TBAQ

It was ‘all hands on deck’ at the TBAQ office in Sports House this morning with the delivery of seven huge pallets of Roll ‘n Strike equipment to fulfil orders from schools throughout Queensland in readiness for Term 4.

Developed in 1993, Roll ‘n Strike is a unique in-school program that utilises portable modified equipment to provide a 5-week program free of charge to primary-aged school children in a PE unit of activity.

Providing a link to bowling centres across Australia, the branded Roll ‘n Strike primary School program is one of TBAQ’s great successes, involving over 70,000 Primary school children in more than 200 schools throughout Queensland annually.

The program includes a professional development training module for student teachers and experienced PE teachers – it reaches over 300 teachers across six Queensland universities each year and is available to the university sector right across the country.

Teachers are increasingly aware of the Roll ‘n Strike ‘brand’ and what it represents – a quality-assured structured program connected to the Health and Physical Education syllabus. The program offers best practice lesson plans with 20 add-on novelty games and activities that can be inclusive for special education units and pre-school, and increased in skill to challenge older children.

“Our sport provides positive health outcomes contributing to both physical and mental well-being and the success of the program has resulted in TBAQ working double time to keep up with demand for the equipment needed for this popular program,” explained CEO Gail Torrens. “Today’s delivery will enable our Sport Services team to supply the demand from schools and community groups as the population at large increasingly recognises the importance of sport and exercise during these challenging times,” she added.

Rob & Dylan, TBAQ Sport Services Team

Rob & Dylan, TBAQ Sport Services Team unloading the 7 pallets

RNS Equipment

Roll ‘n Strike Equipment

Roll ‘n Strike kits being used in schools