TBAQ has a variety of opportunities for schools and school students to get involved in Tenpin Bowling. The opportunities have been designed to link together to provide a logical pathway for students to learn the sport of Tenpin bowling.

Roll ‘n Strike In-School Program

Tenpin Bowling at SchoolThe first option is the Roll ‘n Strike In-School Program which includes 5 portable bowling lanes that primary school teachers can book for a 5-week period each year completely FREE! The program is very popular due to the fun nature of the sport of tenpin bowling and the fact that every student in the class is given a role to perform. This helps keep every student on task, instead of waiting in a line for their next turn.

When you book the kits you are also supplied a teacher’s manual that guides you through all the skills, provides you with pre-written best practice lesson plans and also includes 20 additional fun games that will help develop the students skills. You can read more about the Roll ‘n Strike In-School Program by clicking here. If you’re teacher hasn’t heard of it yet, make sure you let them know about it as soon as you can as the kits book out fast!

Roll ‘n Strike Learn To Bowl League (In-Centre Program)

Roll 'n Strike Learn to Bowl LeagueThe logical next step for students who have enjoyed learning at school is to progress to the local bowling centre and learn to bowl on the lanes.  The Roll ‘n Strike Learn To Bowl league lasts for 10 weeks and is run every school term.  This program is run by an accredited coach and follows a program of coaching that has been designed by some of the best in the business to deliver maximum results in as little time as possible.  You can read more about the Roll ‘n Strike Learn to Bowl league here.

Inter-School Challenge

Tenpin Inter-school ChallengeThe Queensland Tenpin Bowling Inter-School Challenge is held annually and is open to all schools in Queensland and far northern New South Wales. The Inter-school challenge contains a primary school division and a high school division and teams can register with TBAQ and post a qualify score at their nearest bowling centre before the qualifying date ends. From there the top 16 teams + 4 wildcard teams are invited to compete in the State and Regional finals. You can find out all of the details on the Inter-School Challenge page.



The infographic below has been created to illustrate the Roll ‘n Strike pathway that exists for schools and students.

Tenpin Bowling School Pathways