Inter School Challenge 2021

Inter School Challenge is changing this year! Students will now be able to participate in 2 seperate championships, ‘Summer’ (Term 1 and 2) and ‘Winter’ (Term 3 and 4). The cost for entering each competition is $20. Competitors will then be able to access a reduced game rate of $7 at participating centres and during set times*.

Students will be able to bowl as many games as they like within the dates of their chosen time period (summer/winter) and must submit a minimum of 5 games to be eligable. Any game of bowling that has not been used for a league/competition (social games/practice) can be submitted. Please see below for details of submission once confirmed as an entrant of the 2021 ISC.

Submission of Scores

Every game that you bowl as part of the ISC 2021, must be recorded with TBAQ. To do this, please email your score along with proof (photo or print out) to with the subject line ‘ISC 2021 Score – FIRST NAME LAST NAME’. The top 5 scores from each participant will be taken into account and recorded.

TBAQ will also be releasing an app which will have the functionality to submite scores so scores will be accepted through this method also.

Sign Up Now!

Please complete the form bellow to signal your interest in taking part of the 2021 ISC, or to hear more about it! At the moment, not all centres are confirmed so please indicate your prefered centre and as centres are confirmed, we will let you know!

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These centres are subject to change. If your chosen centre does not participate in ISC 2020 then we will contact you.
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