What does the Tenpin Bowling Association of Queensland do for Qld Bowling, the industry and its members?

TBAQ are taking this opportunity to summarise most of what TBAQ do for our sport in Qld.  Our services not always visible unless you are aware of the work we do and have been part of our journey. We are proud of the body of work we do each and every year and most of all of the volunteers working alongside us and wish to communicate our functions and also highlight our activities should you wish to access more sport services with us.


What does the Tenpin Bowling Association of Queensland do for Qld Bowling, the industry and its members:


School and University Programs:

  • TBAQ drive the In- School program reaching 60,000 children in over 200 schools in 2018 (Roll ‘n Strike Program) supported by 21 of 26 bowling centres in Qld. Raising the profile of Tenpin within the curricula sport in Primary schools, Universities and the Department of Education in Qld.
  • School competitions: All centres are able to be a host to local schools by promoting the Qld Interschool Challenge tournament with 38 school teams participating each year from Primary and Secondary schools – TBAQ provide tournament format and compile all results to obtain a State Champion school (High school and Primary) recruit direct to schools however Industry will need to promote to schools visiting their centre to market local for full impact – State and centre working together.
  • Teacher professional development: University training of Teachers to deliver the Roll ‘n Strike program to over 300 teachers each year do professional development with TBAQ – new teachers take our sport to new schools in the state every year.

Media and sponsorships

  • Media campaigns in conjunction with TBAQ major events which spreads the message of our athletes high achievements and Qld events to the general public raising the profile of our sport in the community, via press, radio and TV and social media.
  • Marketing support to secure funding and sponsorship partners utilising networks built over years of operational successes.
  • Ongoing partnerships with Local Government authorities (local councils) to support events and supply of resources across Queensland.
  • State Newsletter on our newsfeed highlighting local and state events from TBAQ and bowler perspectives
  • Qld Tenpin facebook shares day to day achievements of our bowlers and tournament promoters
  • Construction of our Qld Tournament calendar over 130 events listed in each year and linked to Tenpin Bowling Australia national calendar of ranked events.  Aiding tournament promoters to avoid those clashes that at times are inevitable.
  • TBAQ website www.tbaq.org.au provides news events and calendars for the viewing of all bowlers, members and their family and friends

Educations and Training

  • State education and training events for members, Committees and assisting associations, and bowlers of all levels and abilities
  • Equipment and layout workshops for athletes and coaches of all levels in Brisbane
  • 22 coaches attending 4 upskilling workshops Rockhampton, Townsville, Mackay and Brisbane 2018
  • 83 athletes attending 4 state based training squad events Mackay, Rockhampton Townsville and Brisbane in 2018.
  • World ranked professional Bowler Kelly Kulick from America, delivering Coaching clinics for all levels of bowlers in Brisbane, Bundaberg, Rockhampton, Mackay and Townsville in November for all abilities in 2018 (next visit expected 2020).
  • 64 bowlers attending 12 frame bowling clinics in regional areas as well as Brisbane
  • TBAQ apply to state government to fund Qld Tenpin Bowling development plan and in part support the work provided to all regions of Qld.  Members fees do not support any of the programs mentioned.

Governance & State and local funding

  • TBAQ Board of Management through responsible management continue to govern the sport in Qld building a sustainable sport services mentioned unequalled in any other state.
  • Provision of governance 24/7 online support to Associations and TBAQ Committees via (sponsored by TBAQ Board of Management)  ‘Club Spot’ membership (division of Sports Community Organisation). Providing the latest in current templates according to current legislation to our registered Associations and committees to assist in running meetings, role description and all governance issues 24/7.
  • TBAQ assist local incorporated associations with funding applications to provide equipment and services at no charge to their members or centres they volunteer in.
  • TBAQ assist our associations to become an incorporated body in Qld.


  • TBAQ Committees delivering pathway events, holding championships, roll offs for bowlers to enter into state teams – with many Qld draft players assisting other states teams unable to fill theirs.
  • TBAQ AGM and Awards gala evening when we recognised outstanding achievement of our bowlers, volunteers, committees for their contribution to Qld Sport  – livestreamed March each year.
  • TBAQ partner with TBA to position coach accreditation programs state-wide.
  • TBAQ partner with TBA to deliver the National Junior Program ‘ Bowl Patrol’ which works seamlessly with the Roll ‘n Strike in school program.

Pathways and Talent ID:

  • Junior pathways in Qld after Bowl Patrol into advertised ‘coached’ junior leagues tagged Roll ‘n Strike identified to teachers as the pathway of learning for students from school to centre
  • Teachers asked to Talent ID children to access the sport at the local Centre.  Our promotions including Bowl Patrol as an entry level.
  • Talent ID offering Qld juniors and youths pathways for international experience supported by coaches and managers and funded by Young Athletes Travel subsidy (YATS) providing $600 reimbursement towards costs organised through TBAQ.



If you are interested and wish to access some or more of these sport services in 2019-2020  please email to TBAQ.  [email protected]


Community services:

Our thank you to the 21 sponsoring Roll ‘n Strike bowling centres who sponsor 50% of the in- school resources provided to schools in Queensland, our volunteer Associations who supply a further 20% of school resources (through funding created with assistance from our Development officers) and 30% of resources now owned by schools in Queensland.


We are grateful for the support provided to TBAQ from our valued volunteers, volunteer Board of Management, staff (we have 1 full time field officer and two part time) producing the sport services described, providing a sustainable calendar and the bowlers and coaches who continually find value in the programs TBAQ deliver from our state office and from our State authorised Committees each year in NQ and SQ.



Kind regards

Gail Torrens

On behalf of the TBAQ Board of Management